Director's Statement

I was determined to write and direct a feature when I was 21 years old. My Favorite Movie had been outlined for years and years before I finally wrote it down. Finding the time (or perhaps courage) to write the actual screenplay was challenging. However, I found my time in the eighteenth hour of a pharmaceutical study, arms covered in experimental anti-fungal cream. Everyone in the room must have thought I was crazy, hearing my gasp of excitement after I finished the last few sentences of the screenplay I had been writing in my newfound spare time. Little did I know, the odd looks from this crowd would be some of the kindest received during the next two years as I set out to write/direct my first feature film.

The completion of the screenplay in that laboratory marked the mood and foreshadowed brevity that would eventually end up on the screen. Having anything end up on that screen wouldn't have been possible without the help of so many talented people. Filmmaking can certainly strain and break cast, crew, individuals, even friendships. Our cast was incredible and worked for Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. Our talented crew worked harder than I ever could have imagined. I would be remiss if I didn't mention our inconceivable Producer, Mr. Marble. Having Isaac around is like having a Clydesdale as fast as a cheetah, with the longevity of a sea turtle, and the collective brainpower of Mensa. For anyone who helped bring this comedy to the screen, my sincerest thank you!

Having my arms covered in smelly yellow anti-fungal cream (which, I found out later, would never make it to the shelves) not only provided me with gas money and a way to permanently remove a few of my freckles but also a life changing opportunity. A similar moment would come months later as I sat in a worn chair that reeked of smoke, staring at a woman whose glazed eyes read, "I can no longer feel sympathy," about to pawn my car for film money. I wanted My Favorite Movie to reflect the same absurdity on the screen that it dealt to many of us during pre-production. With our fortunate casting and artistic crew we were able to do just that. My Favorite Movie emulates a slump that many of us have been in but with a twist. With a secret love story, a murder plot, crazy friends trying to rid the main character of his depression, and a few extra turns, I am very proud to introduce our maiden feature: My Favorite Movie.

Martin Rogers

Director, My Favorite Movie