Cast and Crew

Bryan Ferriter - "Dave"

Bryan Ferriter

Bryan Ferriter was born in Helena, MT. He attended Carroll College where he played football and majored in theater. Some of his roles include Hamlet and Dracula. While attending college he met Martin Rogers and they began discussing My Favorite Movie.

His experience with My Favorite Movie remains an important one. "I learned a lot on My Favorite Movie. We were all learning as we went - the passion for the film drove us, allowing us to overcome andy setback. It was an incredible group of people working on that film and I will always look back on the experience with a fond memory."

Bryan continues to further his passion in filmmaking having directed and acted in another feature Vampire with many of the same production crew stationed in Montana. He plans to move to Los Angeles in the fall to further his career.

Alexa Etchart - "McDucks Girl"

Alexa Etchart

Alexa Etchart was born and raised in northeastern Montana to Joe and Patt Etchart, a cattle rancher turned business man and a social worker/stay at home mother. She was the third of four children and has close relationships with her parents and her siblings.

Her exposure to theater came at a very young age as her mother was a board member of the nearby historic Fort Peck Summer Theater. Her interest for theater peaked in the 1st grade when she had the opportunity to audition for the Missoula Children's Theater, a traveling theater company based in Montana that came to Alexa's hometown for a week or two annually. She continued to participate in MCT for the next seven years until she was no longer able.

She spent her summers participating in whatever was available to the community at Fort Peck Summer Theater, idolizing and imitating the professional company, dreaming of a life as an actress. Though she's most familiar with the stage, Alexa is very intrigued and challenged by the art of acting for the camera and hopes to pursue both types of performance throughout her career. Alexa recently graduated from Carroll College in Helena, MT and is currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

Shadrach Defranco - "The Steve"

Shadrach Defranco

Shadrach Defranco was born in Bozeman, MT and raised in Yellowstone National Park where his dad worked as a researcher. He attended school and was consistently involved in local performances and plays throughout junior high and high school. He attended the University of Wyoming and took a number of classes including some acting classes. He graduated with a degree in health science and continued his education by studying optometry.

After completing his studies and boards, he had some time while waiting for licensing and credentials to be processed and was fortunate to land a role in My Favorite Movie. Shadrach has a wife and three children and currently lives in Billings, MT where he enjoys practicing optometry as well as free time with friends and family. Outdoor activities are always a pleasure as well as travel and other hobbies he never has time for.

Martin Rogers - Writer/Director/"Jerry"

Martin Rogers

Martin grew up in small town Joliet, MT where he crafted his first plays and films, most of which involved tricking old ladies into thinking he and his group of friends were beating up strangers, and then capturing their reactions on tape. This, of course, was insanely funny and eventually blossomed into Martin receiving his bachelor's degree in biology from Carroll College in Helena, MT. If that doesn't make sense to you, you don't have a biology degree.

Martin began writing at a young age, starting My Favorite Movie as a freshman in high school. This sounds ambitious, but if you've ever been to Joliet, MT there is literally nothing else to do, and hardly any supplies, so Martin had to write the entire outline on papaya. Martin's love of filmmaking drove him to write and direct his first feature while still attending college. Teaming up with producer Isaac Marble, they completed filming and are now gearing up for future projects.

Since then, Martin has written several screenplays he plans on directing in the future. He has also worked on multiple shorts and a feature that his friend Bryan Ferriter (Dave from My Favorite Movie) directed. Martin loves his family and friends, as well as working on films in any capacity. He plans on distributing My Favorite Movie or 'becoming a transient.' He once placed second in an all you can eat potato contest.

Isaac Marble - Producer

Isaac Marble

Isaac is a born and raised Montanan. He grew up and attended high school in Roberts, MT, a "don't blink or you'll miss it" kind of town with a population hovering right around 300. Once graduated, he attended the University of Michigan for a semester, decided it sucked and moved back to Helena to attend Carroll College where he decided his high school business curriculum had sufficiently prepared him to produce feature length films.

He set off with director and partner in Dream Team Cinema, Martin Rogers, to raise some dough, and in less than the time it takes to say "damn kids these days", they had come out the other end with My Favorite Movie. Currently, Isaac is pursuing his film career and anticipates a degree in international business, marketing, finance, and Spanish in December of 2011. In his off time, Isaac attempts to stay sane by skiing, golfing, picking guitar and drinking refreshing amounts of Jameson Whiskey.

William 'Bill' Otto - Director of Photography

Bill Otto is a Los Angeles based cinematographer with credits attached to White on Rice and Big Dreams Little Tokyo. His Future releases include White Knight, starring Tom Sizemore and Hector Jeminez, and Last Kind Words, with Brad Dourif and Alexia Fast. He was also Director of Photography for Helena's very own My Favorite Movie. For more information on Bill Otto you can visit his web page.

Wil Masisak - Editor/Sound Mixing and Post

Wil Masisak

After working as a child actor and writing his first screenplay as an energetic eleven year old, Wil Masisak took off on an unexpected and 25 year long detour into the music business. His career as a performer covered a lot of ground: small punk rock bars, lavish opera houses, hockey stadiums, and European dance parties. His work as a award-winning recording engineer and producer included seminal work for singer-songwriters Marie Beer and Danya River, multiple recordings for legendary American songwriter Dan Bern (including New American Language, voted Top 10 record of 2001 by several outlets), indie-rockers Devotchka, and American Idol Season 2 finalist Samantha Cohen.

A multiple Downbeat magazine deebee Award-winning composer and performer, as well as a former Conducting Apprentice to the the Pittsburgh Symphony, his music has been featured in multiple films, including Ed and Lulu and My Favorite Movie. Wil's work as a director and editor includes The Climber's Mind, My First Toy Company (official selection and award finalist, TriggerStreet Film Festival), Juggling: an Introduction to the Filmmaker, Head Diva: Good Head Hunting, and Flat Tiger.