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The American Dream, who wants it? Everyone! Dave HAS the American Dream and no longer wants it. As a young man, a pushover, and a bookworm, Dave grew up with good grades, received a college degree, and is now working in a cubicle. Dave's best friends are gas station workers, video game addicted secretaries, and eccentric stock brokers who hate the evil fast food corporation McDucks. During the quest for Dave's friends to help him find true happiness, trouble arises when Dave falls for an employee of McDucks. Now he must keep his friends from knowing he's found happiness within the walls of their most hated entity, while they are desperately trying to pull him out of his darkness.

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Prayer Yoga

'Prayer Yoga' is non-traditional approach to yoga. Instructor Cynthia Marble combines prayer and meditation with the art of yoga to create a session of peaceful relaxation that benefits the mind, body, and soul.

A group of grad students venture into the Montana wilderness to research the mysterious disappearance of wildlife. What they find, more shocking than anything they imagined, is a hidden army of vampires led by an exiled prince plotting a coup d'état against his family. He will be forced to visit his dark past as the student's fates are decided.

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Eden Falls

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Pink Gloves Boxing